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CamTec Motion Picture Cameras was originally established as a small boutique rental facility in 1989. Since that time, our friendly and collaborative atmosphere has expanded into a large full-service operation, conveniently located at a spacious location in Burbank since 1997.

Our mission is to provide cinematographers and their assistants with cameras and lenses of the highest possible quality, and to support that equipment with industry-leading service. Through the continual acquisition of rare vintage lenses and other specialty gear, CamTec has become a uniquely effective partner for filmmakers throughout the world as they work to fully realize their creative visions. In order to successfully sustain productive professional relationships and to create new ones, CamTec is staffed by the most qualified industry veterans in all departments, resulting in one of the best-regarded reputations in the industry.

Please call or visit us for more information. 818.841.8700


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