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Currently studying @UCI as a Studio Art major, Digital Arts minor - will be graduating June 2010!!! Whoo! Can't wait!

I take photos as a hobby, although I don't own my own camera. I love the import car industry, but I still have loads to learn about it. I love illustrative design, and design in general, but I am behind in learning all of the things you should know by my age (if you want to be in the industry)!

I'll say this up front; I know I have an eye for things - whether it be composition, color, whatever - but it is still a baby. All it needs is some guidance from a mentor (or several ;P), and it will grow to be one badass mofo.

I'm slowly trying to learn how to use the Adobe suite to its full potential - if anyone is willing to take me under their wing and teach me, I'll be more than happy to accept! :P


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