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  1. Vibok Works

    Vibok Works Sevilla, Spain


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    Vibok Works is a studio dedicated to thinking and critical action on living spaces. Our projects are creative experiments constantly evolving that fuse publishing, art, architecture, design and research. Our work addresses issues such as evolving books, editorial actions, mushup books and crossed-edition. vibokworks.com Vibok…

  2. javier milara

    javier milara barcelona


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    I am a transdisciplinary creator with architectural education, and a wide experience as photographer, and graphic & audiovisual designer. Also, as art director, I also design and produce immersive videoinstallations since the year 2000, researching the potential that non-tectonic devices have in…

  3. TS Collective

    TS Collective


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    The TS Collective is a dynamic artist collective consisting of people with different creative and professional backgrounds. It is our goal, through collaboration of artistic activities and experiments, concept development, and events, to extend the creative boundaries and create a greater diversity…

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