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Tatiana graduated from Moscow Ballet Academy in 1990 with the diploma of excellence and danced as a soloist in the Kremlin State ballet in 1990 - 1999. She jointed Sasha Pepelyaev’s contemporary dance project in 1995. Tatiana has been performing in all the project’s productions and participated in more than 70 festivals. She had the III Prize at the "Arabesque-94" ballet competition in Perm, Russia; and Individual Performance Award “Adami” at 6-e Rencontres Choreographiques, Paris, 1997. Tatiana has been invited as a guest teacher at a number of dance schools, companies or faculties in Russia and abroad since 2000. Her classes as well as her daily body practices based on release based techniques. She started making her own works in 2006. They were presented at various festivals in Russia and abroad, in France, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, including Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis in 2008. Tatiana’s collaboration with a philosopher Aleksandr Montlevich is the latest of the duo’s works since 2009; the other ones - with dance artists Evgeny Pankratov (Germany-Russia), Tatiana Luzai (S.Petersburg) and Vladimir Golubev (Chelyabinsk, Russia), and noise musician Nick Sudnick (S.Petersburg). Tatiana works as an educational programme manager in Centre for Contemporary Dance and Performance TSEKH since 2001 (Moscow). In 2009 Tatiana was invited as a part time faculty member at Vaganova Ballet Academy (S.Petersburg). 1st Dan in KiAikido.

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