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I have always felt somehow detached from the collective world having 'fallen off the edge' of existence aged thirteen, unable to cope with my inadequate sense of self and in denial about growing up and taking on more adult responsibilities. I wanted to defy my life, I did not want to die but neither did I want to live. I was liminal. For five years I battled with severe depression and Anorexia Nervosa which later developed into Bulimia. For the majority of my teenage life I was in and out of various psychiatric hospitals on the verge of living, or putting my life on hold. It was only aged 18 that a metamorphosis of self began, and lead to my current position on the final year of my Fine Art degree specialising in film-making with my own musical compositions made and distorted on violin and piano. Creativity is my life line and without it I would not exist- I write, make psychological-based films and capture irretrievable memories through photography. I truly believe we do not find ourselves but rather create ourselves and this is the facet of my work- to create a self, to resurrect a self that for so many years was discarded.

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  • Throughtheglassontheotherside - The blog of a recovering anorexic navigating her way through a fine art degree and documenting feelings towards life, recovery as well as film, the written word and photography.


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