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This Channel by JOHN ZEWIZZ iz a history ov MY MUSICK YEARS...(1982 to present)...there will be OFFICIAL VIDEOS that I have released since 1984. Some 'Early Material' and some ov the NEW MATERIAL. There will also be Private Videos from MY Personal collection...Many with THE BARBITCHUETTES..they seem to be the most popular out ov SLEEPCHAMBER history (1990-2000)...(BARBITCHUETTES Period in the Band).
Many people really Like our "Behind The Scenes" videos...but VIMEO haz a problem...they claim they are "TOO SEXUALLY STIMULATING"....thats a hard line to draw in the sand...with their NUDE Network...So, I will have to be very careful with these ones I upload...Obviously the BEHIND THE SCENES videos are heated and truely can see it...thats why I really can not put up some ov THE BARBITCHUETTE Moments..But I will upload The Best SLEEPCHAMBER and releated projects and moments that I can.
Since the very first release by SLEEPCHAMBER I have been writing and Filming EROTICK Musick. Being the Lyrics or the 75% ov the Videos that are EROTICK .
Everyone haz their favorite SLEEPCHAMBER "Time Era" it the Early 'Clod Wave Fetish' style (1982-1986)...Evolving into the 'Progessive Industrial/Ritual Electronix' (Featuring JONATHAN BRILEY) 1986-1992)
to THE BARBITCHUETTE 'Live' Time Period..(1990-2001) in which the BARBITCHUETTES were mostly featured in the LIVE PERFORMANCES. (at that time,they were featured az the Models in the SLEEPCHAMBER 'Official Videos' and a few Short Films & Videos by JOHN ZEWIZZ.
In all SLEEPCHAMBER Musick... EROTISM iz a main all styles ov the Evolving Musick- (Ritual, Industrial, Tribal, Bondage & Fetish Songs, Soundtracks and Film Scores).


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