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  1. You picked the worst possible music at the end and it was way too loud. We couldn't understand a word. :-/
  2. Without carbon, there would only be hydrogen and lithium (and helium). Having no carbon would not promote life in any other way. Hydrogen-lithium connections would not have the energy to form yet more complex connections, in fact, they would have…
  3. What song is that?
  4. Ceasar? That goes a bit beyond the pale. Why not bring in Hitler while you're at it? He had style! Just goes to show style may be something, but it sure isn't everything. It's like power. Or maybe it is power, or the expression of it. And power can…
  5. Of course they could be different, as otherwise there wouldn't be a cause. Science is the study of causes, and saying that something has no cause is unscientific. Saying that there was nothing before the Big Bang is no better than saying there was…