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What do u wanna know?I am a very srong and confident individual. I am friendly and enjoy socialising but still maintain a proffessional stance.I have very big aspirations for my moddelling career and do not class myself as a 'video chick' as i do not aim to be on channel u for years to come. My goal would be to make an established name for myself and use it to set up many charity galas and fundraisers. A model is just not a pretty face and sexy is not just mear bum and chest. I beleive for a woman to be sexy she has to have the personality to match. All in all i aim to be the oppitomy of a strong black model as the only strong black model known to us is tyra banks, no talent has come from the u.k.I am half jamaican half nubian (black eygyptian).If you'd like me to model for you please do feel free to message me

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