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Flip Outdoors is an online adventure that takes you to locations across the state of Maine with your hosts Jim and Luke; featured in webisodes, photos and this blog and seen by people across the internet.

"I’ve spent my life growing up in Maine, raised to appreciate the outdoors and all the great activities that are offered in Maine. From camping, hiking and fishing to digging for Indian artifacts and exploring the coast I grew up happiest being outdoors.

I live in Bangor, Maine with my wife Jessica, she’s also an avid outdoors person. I created Flip Outdoors along with my friend and co-host Jimmy as a way to share the Maine outdoors with as many people as we could, while at the same time helping promote Maine businesses."

"I have lived in Maine all my life, and in the Bangor area for the last 10 years. Bangor has been a good center point for everything I love to do. I’ve been enjoying the great Maine outdoors with my family and friends for over 28 years.

Being in the Maine outdoors is part of my roots. I grew up with a family that took summer vacations to Moosehead Lake instead of theme parks. At age seven, I remember running down to the stream in our back yard after school to catch brook trout with my fly rod instead of watching cartoons. For all the seasons we have in Maine, from Spring fishing to Fall hunting and Winter snowmobiling, there’s always something fun and interesting to do outdoors."

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