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  1. SanDisk Japan
  2. Kamil Tamiola

    Kamil Tamiola Groningen, The Netherlands


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    My name is Kamil. I specialize in visual storytelling from remote locations. I am based in Groningen, the Netherlands. A substantial part of my commercial portfolio is shot with powerful on-location lights. Truth to be told, I enjoy working in front of camera, as much as behind the lens. I think the…

  3. Kevin Margo

    Kevin Margo Plus Venice, CA


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    Director at www.blur.com

  4. Rob Whitworth

    Rob Whitworth PRO


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    Rob Whitworth is a prominent urban filmmaker pushing the boundaries of his medium to reveal locations in a powerful and compelling manner. Through the manipulation of time-lapse photography, Rob lifts the constraints of time and space to capture the vibrancy of destinations on a grand scale. Rob’s…

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