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Blaine Fontana currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Imbuing his vision with the divine symbolism of religious myths, worldly folklore and current social dynamics, his works contain a kind of shamanic exploration of meaning that recognizes the totemic quality and power of the image. With extensive experience within the design world, including working as a designer for Felt Bicycles and acting art director for Zero+ Publishing, Fontana’s work displays a virtuosic understanding of sign & simulacra and their role within our contemporary visual culture. Straddling the physical and metaphysical, organic and architectural, painterly and graphic sensibilities, Fontana fuses multiple visual strategies to forge an aesthetic language entirely of his own making.

His works have been published in a variety of publications, including iDN/Society 6, My Name Is, Sycamore Review, Soul Pancake, Mod Art, Hi-Fructose, and Juxtapoz. He has exhibited nationally in Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, Miami, and New York, and internationally in Germany, Canada
and Japan.

With his wife and creative partner, he currently runs Fontana Studios, a multi-media art and design studio in Portland, Oregon. He has designed and licensed work for a number of companies including SCION Installation Art Tour, Patagonia, Nike, Toyota, Kid Robot, Upper Playground, Quiksilver, Ocean Pacific, KFC International, and Arbor Snowboards. Most recently, on May 14th 2011, Blaine was asked to create a custom stage installation for a Portland TEDx talk along with presenting a speech about the project at the event.

Blaine Fontana received his BFA in Communication Art/Design from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA in 2002. He was awarded “Best in Show” for his senior thesis project, and is one of only seven distinguished alumni from 2000-2010. He is currently an Advisory Board member for the Northwest College of Art.

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