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Victoria Trestrail was born and raised on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean.

A poet for over 20 years, she was first published internationally at the age of 14. "Feelings," a passionate ode to music was included in the anthology "Whispers in the Wind."

Victoria is a self taught guitarist who struggled for many years, sometimes putting down her guitar for long periods at a time.

Victoria is branching out, and her music has left the shores of Trinidad and is receiving airplay on radio stations in the United States, Canada and France. Her fanbase stretches from Central America to Poland, Iran, South America and India to name a few.

Her gospel music is played on the #1 online gospel station in Southern California Her Country and Americana music is played on stations in the Southern United States.

In 2009 Victoria was signed by two United States Music Licensing companies Manifest Media and Human Factor, who seek to place her tracks in the hands of music supervisors and multi-media executive who scout for fresh music for tv/film/advertisements and web clients.

Her song "Johnny's Fool" is a collaboration with an extremely gifted young Trinidadian Producer by the name of Rishi Ramlagan a.k.a. Mo'Times Productions who put a beautiful arrangement together for her song "Johnny's Fool"

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