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Electric Bicycle World Tour is a hybrid solar powered electric bicycle world tour that started in Beijing on June 2009, in order to promote the use of alternative transport options that has less negative impact on the planet.

With the finish line fixed in London during the 2012 Olympic games, EBWT (Thuy Anh Nguyen and Guim Valls Teruel) is working hard to convince communities to try using electric bicycles to commute and at the same time encourage them to find clean energy sources to recharge their batteries. After crossing China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand, the soul of the project, Guim Valls Teruel launched the campaign “Electric Smiles Around the World”.

An "Electric Smile" is a natural reaction that occurs to every person who rides an electric bike, a great mean of transport. "On your first test it will be huge", says Guim, and ads "but the most amazing thing I have notice since this project started, is that all electric bikes users keep their smile".
Electric bikes makes people happy, and with a clean renewable energy source like solar power, then you can get unlimited power, which at the end it turns into unlimited happiness.

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