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Lincoln, England

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I am a 25-year-old from Louisville, Kentucky, who made the decision to see the world when I entered college. While studying abroad in England for a year, I took my first backpacking trip through Europe with a friend. This experience changed me as a person and also changed how I view the world. I started writing this book after purchasing numerous ones in preparation for my first trip that simply didn’t provide me with the information I needed—advice about how and what to pack, what hostels are actually like, and how to get around. I have been lucky enough to take two backpacking trips through Europe, and these experiences have taught me a considerable amount about how to make a successful journey abroad. During both of my excursions I was traveling on a limited budget, which ended up adding to the experience rather than deterring from it. My goal was to make a book for fellow young and adventurous Americans who want to make the dream of seeing the world a reality and have limited funds to do so. I hope that within the pages of my book, I have provided a practical and detailed guide to ensure that backpackers are prepared for the trip of a lifetime.

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