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  1. So...we should vote for Romney because we know his hands will be tied and he won't be able to complete his goals to diminish womens' rights? Yeah - there's a platform!!! I doubt many people think there is a real danger of Roe v Wade being overturned.…
  2. Wow - You really don't get the point, do you? Also - your 10 second rule does not work. Abortion at that point would not be legal unless the life of the mother is in danger. Would you really choose to allow the mother to die? Hmmm...Would that…
  3. Right on! We have to make sure that we do not become complacent. We need to always value and appreciate what we have which were fought for so hard by past generations!
  4. It's really funny that you say that it's old-fashioned. It seems you missed the part at the end where she says she recorded it in 1964. The point is that it's amazing that it's still just as relevant today. Side note to Les Moon - Since this was…