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Life's what's capable of error.


  1. Maria Ivanova
  2. Junaid Chundrigar
  3. Aymeric Ayral
  4. Kim Oxlund
  5. Jeff Desom
  6. Emil Munk
  7. Tobias Stretch
  8. martin de thurah
  9. Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes

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  1. Cesantes commented on HEALTH - Tears
    fuuuuuuuck! did their crystal eyes pop at some time? Extremely good, and soul crushing, video.
  2. Vincent! Tell you one thing, your skills make people sweat. Just hearing the sounds in a paddy field before the strings come in... You don't have big nails but the same sharp tact. Will you ever slow down? I can believe earth still has places for…
  3. Narration above content, yes it is.
  4. Keep chasing it! It starts to work out... don't back off
  5. Atomheartmother. It's always nice the way you layer sounds, the way you use silence; but a bumpy bokeh, that's the red carpet treatment to a no lesser landscape. Great selection of musics... great everything, mate!