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Columbus, OH

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This Northeast Ohio native began his disc jockey career in 1998 through an apprenticeship with Unbelievable Entertainment. It's there where he developed his craft into his own professional identity and business. Honing in on the mid-west scene, Rob began to move into downtown Cleveland, and the Flats, a thriving entertainment complex in the heart of the city. After attending broadcasting school, radio became a natural progression. 3 years of Cleveland radio and doing promotions evolved into 3 years as a #1 rated afternoon drive talent/production manager for 102.5FM.

Longing to get back to his roots, in the Fall of 2005, He stepped onto the Columbus music scene with a brand new style; mixing & mashing music videos live. A pioneer of video DJing, Rob has become a commanding presence throughout the city of Columbus, wining over the vibrant Ohio State campus crowd & infiltrating the suburbs with this new form of entertainment.

What's next? By fusing together classic & current pop culture icons, movies, television, and internet sensations, Rob's signature style continues to evolve and bring the highest quality entertainment to people across the country and around the globe.

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