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  1. Jameson First Shot
  2. San Francisco Film Society
  3. Dominic
  4. Steven Benedict
  5. Criterion Collection
  6. Caleb Vinson
  7. Egmont Mayer
  8. Die Trickfilmer
  9. Weather Films
  10. Studiocanoe
  11. Gustav Johansson
  12. ALEX BEH
  13. Paul Hamilton
  14. Dark Rye
  15. (HKI)™ HelloHikimori™
  16. Cristóbal Vila
  17. Michael Condran
  18. Tim White

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  1. Michael Keckler commented on dust
    This is just lovely. The birds add a special touch! It reminds me of "Morning Passages" by Philip Glass from the film The Hours.