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R/C Nut. Started in the early 80`s with electric cars/trucks. Progressed to nitro trucks, & then moved
on into nitro on-road racing. Big Fun. Went thru planes & helicopters, & now back to planes. Got a
beautiful Wife,(Christine) Beautiful Pug,(Sugar) and a Nice home that We share. I am a commercial
printer by trade, & Christine assists elderly persons in their own home. Sugar does not work,,,,,,,,,,
ever, but She commands recognition, & She gets it. She is our "Kid" & She knows it, AKA,, "Spoiled"
I LOVE Bi-Planes,,,,,,,,,,,Carry On,,,,,,,,,,,


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  1. Skyepuncher commented on F-18 FPV
    Awesome! I`d be shaking in my shoes flying that the 1`st time. Beautiful, Scott
  2. Terry, nice flyin`. Good to see Ya. (couldn`t even get on my OWN u-tube channel this morn. DONE) Later on, Scott