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Born and raised in Kolkata, India, Diya is a film producer based in San Francisco. She pursued undergraduate studies in Economics at Sophia College, and completed her MFA in Creative Strategy at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, the city where she started to build a filmmaking career.

Diya is the producer of 'The Mural', a short documentary following the stories of five artists with developmental disabilities as they work together with a group of civic artists to paint a wall that aims to break the barriers of prejudice. Currently, Diya is working on her first hybrid feature-length documentary, 'Moses', which tells the story of how a student film launched a homeless man from San Francisco on a ten-year journey to reclaim his life, his family and his past as a gifted musician. She is also the impact producer of 'Exiled.' Directed by Mike Seely, this short documentary follows the stories of three U.S. military veterans who were barred from the nation they proudly served.

Diya has also volunteered as part of the Screening Department Crew at the Tribeca Film Festival, collaborated as a programming assistant for the SF Green Film Festival, and worked as the head of events for the 2016 Disposable Film Festival.


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