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Columbia, MD

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For over 17 years I've been creating, shooting, and editing. Taking my, or other people's dreams and visions to reality. I'm truly blessed to be in the career that I am and I look forward to each new challenge.


  1. Raw Media House
  2. Valerie Nicknadavich Meyers
  3. Eliu Cornielle
  4. Caleb & Shawn
  5. Chesapeake Bay Program
  6. Mike Collins
  7. Alex Bew
  8. Soura Films
  9. Digital Cave Media
  10. Raccord
  12. Ian Anthony Reid
  13. HCPSS
  14. Borealisk
  15. LAI Video
  16. Camp 4 Collective
  17. Found Footage Festival
  18. Marcus Perry

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