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This page is ment for sharring films and presentations concerning citizenship as a socio educational approach in the socialpadagogical Work with Young peoople with learning disabilities.

My name is Benedicte Besenbacher Kristensen. Im a socialpadague/social educator and a citizenship consultant concerning citizenship for people with special needs, I am working at a youth education for Young people with learning disabilities STU Lynga connected to comptence and education center Aarhus - Aarhus commune.

I have been educated and worked as a socialpadagogue for ten years, with people with learning disabilities, - as a home and life suporter in grouphomes, and for the last five years at a the youth " high shcool" for Young people with learning disabilities STU Lyngå, as a socialeducator . 3½ years ago I took a further education as a citizenship consultant through socialservices, and since then I have been working especialy with the approach of citizenship and Development of citizenship education together with Danish social services and all my good collegues at the school and also with consultants from socialservices for people with disabilities / Aarhus commune/ Denmark.

The films and the presentation, on this page is connected to this Work, and they have been made for and used to - show our Work on workshop for people with learning disabilities, socialwork students, parent of Young people withe learning disabilities and to be shown for other proffesionals, in Denmark and at the international congress for social educators AIEJI in Luxembourg 2013. For further information you are welcome to contact me at email:

Please leave a comment ;) and thank you for your interrest


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