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  1. Jenee Petri commented on ummmmmmm.....
    This was SO much fun to watch!!! Although, I am DYING to know the end of the story!!! You stinka - no need to stop recording just cuz you had an error! That's what the handy-dandy, self-correct, point-to-self trick is for!! You use it well when you…
  2. Jenee Petri commented on Arrows
    Love it!!!!! You should wear a cupid costume next time you cue this ;) Hey, mind if we add this vid to the CLT connection group? Just click on the "+Add to..." tab above and check the CLT Connection box. I also see there's an option to create and…
  3. Karri Colestock commented on Arrows
    okay - so in their original form, these videos did show my throat placement. hmmmm... but this also shows me I am putting my throat placement too low.