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Berlin, Germany

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Strictly Berlin is an exhibition series presenting Berlin media art, which was founded in 2006 by Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp in co-operation with Noam Braslavsky in the Galerie der Künste (GdK) in Berlin.

These exhibitions bring together a multiplicity of parallel approaches, which express themselves in different styles. In Berlin a formulation of similar concerns is obvious in all rangesof art as the music, the visual art, film, theatre or performance. Artists not only from Germany, but from many countries have, at least occasionally, in Berlin a homeland. The aim of Strictly Berlin is, to offer those art-works a forum. This concept is so well or as bad as any other. It concerns not illustrating dreams of curators, but the confidence that artists are united because of something larger one than their differences.
„Their goal is not the illusory reproduction of reality, but rather to free the depicted reality from its usual temporal and semantic contexts and to give meaning in new combinations. Not the copy of reality, but terms the reality, where one interpretation is only one possibility under many. The possibility of retelling is rarely applicable to these forms of expressions and with the denomination of recognizing does not get one very far either. The viewer must think about himself and his own experiences, only then does the pleasure of viewings emerge, albeit without any warranty to reveal the enigma completely.“ (Heiko Daxl)
Strictly Berlin takes place annually in spring in Berlin.

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