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  1. Well, FTP... that wont solve the problem of wanting to upload directly from my server to your server.-.-. unless... i can connect from my server via ftp in the shell... will that be possible?
  2. We do not have anything planned to make this integration this year. However, we are working on improving the upload experience on Vimeo and as a part of that we are looking into allowing people to upload via FTP protocol.
  3. any news on that topic? We also have our own server (no need for dropbox) and it would be amazing if i could directly upload from an URL to vimeo. Now I have to download a 4GB file and then upload. would be really cool to have an URL upload fro…
  4. Hello Khuram. This topic has been discussed in our forum before. In short, it is rather difficult to implement as a layer on our existing upload infrastructure that is quite complicated. That said, we will continue to work on improving out upload…
  5. I would like to upload videos from my FTP server directly, just like if I can upload from Dropbox.