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  1. Hyker's Favorites

    by Hyker joined

    94 Videos 306 Members

    I am a media NUT, yes with capitols,and these are my favorites. I love creative artsy editing, bright colors, and naked girls and people who use Canon DSLRs and 3D really love 3D. I will be posting…

  2. Videos that probably didn't deserve to be shot on a DSLR

    by Chris Koelsch joined

    2 Videos 6 Members

    A group for videos that were made on a DSLR, but because of content probably shouldn't have been. Keep in mind this does not mean the videos are bad because of this.


    by UKHOV joined

    93 Videos 129 Members

    night live channel videos from club events sex drunk bitches and ortodox techno!

  4. sexy

    by jesus martin joined

    169 Videos 559 Members


  5. Sexy Babes

    by Cool Berman joined

    348 Videos 5,874 Members

    NTSW!!! (18+) Elegant and beautiful ladies from all around the world...

  6. Kissmylilstar - 100% Worth Sharing !

    by KissMyLilStar joined

    4 Videos 111 Members

    Video's that we realy like and sharing at www.kissmylilstar.com

  7. Nudism

    by Nudist joined

    1,351 Videos 3,023 Members

    nude people in the nature look also at: http://www.nudistenblog.net

  8. nudie cutie

    by dolphins can swim joined

    11.1K Videos 8,593 Members

    brand new! erotic and nudie fun- sexy and sensual! join and feel free to post, remove and repost every so often if you feel your undiscovered video needs a little push! but if your video has already…

  9. naked

    by naked stuff joined

    1,448 Videos 2,725 Members

    naked naked me naked you naked she naked he naked them naked us naked everybody

  10. Erotica Visuala

    by Hybryds joined

    4,884 Videos 5,329 Members

    All visuals dealing with erotic, nudes, and sexual ideas. No porn, although we like to cross borders with this group. No slideshows of pictures, do not post to much, keep room for others.

  11. Car-Girls

    by Alexander MacG joined

    17 Videos 187 Members

    all around sexy bikini-babes washing cool cars and much more Cool Cars - Hot Girls This is all around the perfect combination of sexy girls and wonderful cars!


    by tsurufoto. joined

    2,214 Videos 4,263 Members

    Short films celebrating all things nudie! Films may be shared at tsurufoto's http://nudiegram.com site with full credit and link back to the original video page. Love, Aaron Tsuru http://tsurufoto.com http://nudiezine.com

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