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  1. A delightful video with lovely music. Swamiji's gusto to travel all over the world is amazing, he wants to bless all life, and visit all creation, he gives his blessings to all humans and other creatures. its simply wonderful.jgd
  2. The parrot in the video indeed looks grand and majestic.These birds are very lucky to be with Swamiji. They thrive under his care and love.jgd
  3. a very nice video. we always pray with sincerity and with purity, we pray to God to answer our prayers.. We deseperately need God to look into our problems.jgd
  4. Very nice video. We should aim to keep pure minds pure and clean this would help us to be peaceful and happy.jgd
  5. Gorgeous video, with a great melodious old time bajan, so enjoyable. The sword looks very impressive as a musem piece, so perfectly carved. As for compassion it wins people, the sword only brings bloodshed.Compassion is best followed by all of us.jgd
  6. yoga is amazing it is extensive and there is so much to earn, this ancient pracise is a gift to the world. Thank you Swamiji for making us aware of so much information.jgd
  7. God has given us this body we have to trat the body with dignity, the body is like a temple, so let us take good care of this gift from God.jgd
  8. The betal leaf has so many wonderful properies , we are lucky it is easily available, we use it ever so frquently. We thank puttugam for so much information.jgd .