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Member Head Director 38s Experimental Film Productions
Head Director Experimental Filmmaker Elfreda Okwesa
For pre production filming team in progress
Continuity editing re drafting and re writing
works from previous scraped book work, Re - skecthing
storyboarding on scenes to be re - filmed working alongside cinematographers
Filmmakers around town on left footage. Looking into the Dutch angle and Vertical Continuum German angles
Canted Cranes Telephotos from a low point of the iris The apeture to an extent
38s Experimental Film Productions
Experimental Filmmaker Elfreda Okwesa


  1. Duncan McDougall
  2. Keanu Reeves
  3. chiqui
  4. Francesco Maria Cannella
  5. Andreia Vigo
  6. andris damburs
  7. Overdose Joint
  9. RE:VOIR