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Tokyo, New York, London

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Chiyono Anne was born in Tokyo and raised in London and New York. She completed a Masters degree in Fashion and Bodywear at De Montfort University in 2012 to explore the concept of bespoke design, and conducted original research to develop an innovative methodology for creating bespoke lingerie.

Chiyono has redefined lingerie as Interactive Wearable Art. She incorporates aspects of co-design, emotional design, and sustainable into her design process to create a truly unique and satisfying experience.

She hand-crafts each piece, cutting patterns individually to complement the client's body, lifestyle and aesthetic taste. The client is the inspiration, the muse, and may be involved in the design process as much as she wishes.

Chiyono places the traditional Japanese ideal and philosophy of iki at the core of her design; an air of sophisticated understatement and hidden secrets known only to the wearer enriches the experience of knowing, believing and wearing.

東京で生まれ、ロンドンとニューヨークで育つ。「 bespoke(カスタムメード)」のコンセプトを追求し、特に「bespoke(カスタムメード)」のランジェリー創作の企画、開発を研究し2012年英国デ・モントフォート大学でファッションボディウェアの修士号取得。

千代乃はランジェリーをインタラクティブな「着るアート」(Interactive Wearable Art)ととらえる。 co-design、emotional design, sustainable designの概念をデザインに取り入れ、知的、感情的、物的など総合的に満たされるユニークな感覚を創造する。



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