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*I was born and raised in San Francisco, California

*I studied Motion Picture & Televison @ Academy Of Art University

*I live in Stamford CT

*I work on both "The Maury Show" & The "Trisha" Goddard Show" for NBC/

*I Absolutely HATE talking on the phone.

*I'm addicted to Coffee

*I'm a Fiona Apple FANATIC!

*I hate to hear the words "I Can't"

*I hate cucumbers in my sushi

*I'm deathly afraid of flying in planes

*I love trashy T.V.

*I love sparkling water

*I hate public transportation and avoid it by all costs

*I cry during the lamest movies.

*If im eating somewhere that serves Buffalo Wings or Nachos, ill always want to order one of the two.

*I have to finish all the food on my plate or im not done.

Thats about it..

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