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A member of the Professional Trailbuilders Association, Singletrack Trails is dedicated to developing shared-use trail solutions that protect the resource and mitigate user conflict.

Since 2004, Singletrack Trails Inc has worked on trail construction, layout, or training projects in every region of the United States. Working with agencies from the Bureau of Land Management, United States Forest Service, and other federal agencies through state, county, local governments, Singletrack Trails has a thorough understanding of the process needs that government agencies are required to complete during a project. Singletrack Trails is a company skilled in relating these needs to the land agencies constituents, local volunteers. Hybrid projects are a specialty of Singletrack Trails. Bringing local volunteers and agency officials to the same table to complete a sustainable trail project in a timely manner with local support is what Singletrack Trails does best.

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