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The Unique concept of Café Bonbon is developed by Marcus Huijzer and Marc Evenhuis, both naturally born DJ’s and entrepreneurs. Apart from their own experience as DJ’s and residents of Café Bonbon their amazing network of well-known DJ’s is put in place to organize stunning and vibrant events.

Marc & Marcus put all effort in high-quality and long term partnerships with respected and known organisations in the dance scene. Some of the partners are: Boomrepublic’s collective of VJ’s, Nachtvlinders for all decorative needs and Noxtv which puts all TV and video content in perspective.

After nearly two years Café Bonbon can say it’s a fast growing and popular dance concept in Tech-House and Techno. What started as a club night in Club Rex, located in Hilversum ‘t Gooi, can now be called a premier event organisation with international aspirations, based in the Netherlands.

Café Bonbon, is the go-to dance party for an uncompromising underground Ibiza vibe, cutting-edge music and an unsurpassed clubbing atmosphere. Café Bonbon brings you an unique mix of funky-tech and house music where you will experience DJ’s Marc and Marcus’ total dedication to the art of ‘the party’.

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