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Alex Hetherington is a visual artist with a practice in film, text and sculpture. He also works as a curator and writer, mainly on moving image practices. He produces complex projects on the ideas of film, poetic form and sculptural process.

He lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Rohnert Park, California, USA. This site acts as a summary of the development of his current research and production project: Modern Edinburgh Film School in association with Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Supported by New Media Scotland's Alt-w Fund. Supported by Embassy Gallery. With additional support from LUX. With support from Arts Trust of Scotland. With support from Talbot Rice Gallery. With support from Rhubaba. With support from Contemporary Art Practice, Edinburgh College and Contemporary Art Practice, Moving Image, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. In kind support for research from Henry Moore Institute.

Events to date are: The Hand That Hold The Desert Down, 15 March 2013 ESW and Green Screen, a group exhibition at Embassy, 15–31 March 2013. April Set, 26, 27 and 30 April with Zoë Fothergill, Sarah Forrest and Anthony Schrag. 24 May is The Slow-Wave with Lynsday Mann at Talbot Rice Gallery and 25 May, The Good Work at Inspace, featuring Catherine Street, Claire Denis and Bobby Niven. 6000 Posters for Giants and Dwarfs, June, Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, Videotheque at Make Shift, Talbot Rice Gallery, June, Ute Aurand: FILME, August at Stills Gallery and Modern Edinburgh Film School at Product, ESW for Edinburgh Art Festival 2013.
Recent project work, editions and performance,

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