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I am still a very lucky fellow...

In 2009 I pushed myself into an experiment of using RST - Really Simple Technology - to produce multimedia content for Community Newspaper Inc. websites.

Using a point & shoot camera, a digital voice recorder, Movie Maker and Audacity, I set out to produce a multimedia product every week using no more than 10% of my work week. Every project led to a new and different learning curve, and by the middle of 2009 I had reached the self-imposed time limit and the quality of the content was improving.

In May 2009, half of CNI's newsroom was laid off, a story we have heard from newspapers across the country. Multimedia took a back seat to producing photos for more papers in an expanded coverage area.

In November CNI embarked on an end-of-year project called Resolve that asked readers to submit their tales of how the found something good in adverse time, and more than 70 readers reaponses with stories we ran verbatim, others were reported and photographed, and a handful I produced video for a unified Resolve website.

While this project speaks volumes for our readers and how they found good things in the terrible times of 2009, the project clearly demonstrates the resolve of the CNI newsroom to remain a viable and readable news source in the Milwaukee metro area. When the staff was finishing it's shakedown on the project, the last question was "what's next..."

This is gonna be a fun year...

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