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French designer born in 1977, Welter Egon has always grown in a very creative world. Based in Paris today, he is strongly involved in the development of its own activity, Welter Egon Studio.

After a first diploma at European Institute of Design (IED), he joined the Politecnico School of Milan where he fine tuned his design expertise on furniture and luxury items.
So far he totalizes various collaborations with international and rewarded designers like Andrea Branzi or Pininfarina.

With a strong experience in design agencies and renowned brands in luxury, sport and IT areas, he decided in 2011 to develop his own studio with aim to share his vision with a large audience.
He finds inspiration everywhere, everyday, in underground culture, contemporary art, graphic design…

Passionate and always looking out to new trends, Welter Egon is usually contacted to participate to alternative project like show room exhibition, art direction…
In 2012 after his participation to the designer’s days fair, he is selected to exhibit the table Venice and the clock Albert during the Paris Design Week at Museum of Design.

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