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  1. 01:28:47

    Dave Anderson's Video Portfolio

    by David E. Anderson

    17 Videos

    This is a selection of my recent videos

  2. 21:57

    Desert Towers

    by David E. Anderson

    9 Videos

    This video series documented Szu-ting Yi's expedition to climb 40 desert towers in the Four Corners region of the Southwestern US. The videos were created for Arcteryx China.

  3. 27:18


    by David E. Anderson

    5 Videos

    During past eight years Dave Anderson and Szu-ting Yi have been exploring and climbing in the remote Genyen Massif located on the Tibetan Plateau. Their interest in the Genyen Massif began with a…

  4. 13:13


    by David E. Anderson

    3 Videos

    These three videos document my 2014 visit to Mongolia 1. Mongolia (pre-expedition) 2. In the Footsteps and Handholds of Genghis Khan 3. Mother Mountain

  5. 36:59

    Selected Corporate Projects

    by David E. Anderson

    8 Videos

    Here are a few business projects I have worked on recently.

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