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bb15 is an alternative location of the arts; non-commercial with experimental approaches and free space. On roughly 100m2 exhibition area in the city centre of Linz exhibitions, performances, workshops, discussions and concerts are taking place and change regularly. Next to the series of exhibition single- and group exhibitions are taking place. Furthermore is the area used as studio and place of production. International co-operations with similar institutions as well as an annual artist in residence- program concludes the repertoire.

Organisation/Curating: Clemens Mairhofer, Lucas Norer, Sebastian Six
Performance Laboratory: Elisa Andessner

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  1. Markus Jeschaunig
  2. Ivo Francx
  3. Roman Štětina
  4. Mariska de Groot
  5. lauthals
  6. Jakub Vrba
  7. FAXEN