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Currently working at a big Swedish furniture company in the 3D department. A masters student at Industrial Design Programme at Lund University, Sweden. Learned some animation for usage in my master thesis about how individuals create a sense of self through objects and activities. My basis is research within the fields of marketing, consumption practices and psychology.
I search for madmen. I enjoy things rough rather than polished.

I'm interested in programming and have used arduino for making a 12 note midi device that reacts to light.

I have 5 music projects on at the moment. (solo, twee, indiepop, lofi music) (pop, post-punk) (solo, electronic, atari inspired fl-programmed music) (a 4 piece post-punk inspired pop band) (a 6 piece indie darling twee star band)


  1. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
  2. fredrik
  3. david bramham
  4. NYX