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  1. Jav

    Jav Sweden


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    Passionate about the entanglement of natural+digital | Aspiring cyborg anthropologist

  2. Black Ticket Films

    Black Ticket Films Plus New Delhi, India


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    Black Ticket Films has produced and directed award-winning non-fiction films that have explored issues of gender and sexuality, HIV AIDS, street children, disability, maternal and child health and environment. Our films have been screened at various international film festivals, leading television…

  3. Kitchen Budapest

    Kitchen Budapest Plus Budapest


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    Kitchen Budapest (founded in 2007) is a place where ideas come alive. We offer two potential ways to start out your idea. In KIBU Talent program young talents can bring their imagination and ideas to a phase of a proof of concept or prototype. KIBU Startup program helps teams to develop businesses of…

  4. Christian Palm

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