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LYLYAC: Live Your Life After Cancer
LYLAC Coaching is a social enterprise to support people to move forward after finishing cancer treatment.

On this page we will broadcast Linda's experience with cancer and how LYLAC helped her to move forward again after her cancer treatment. More about Linda:

Meet Linda (55). Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine screening in October 2011 She had surgery, radiotherapy and is taking Arimidex.

Linda will talk about the following topics in separate video’s:
• Her diagnosis
• Her treatment
• The impact of cancer on her life
• How she felt after finishing treatment
• How she joined the LYLAC programme
• Achievements as a result of the LYLAC programme
• How LYLAC has helped her to move forward again after her cancer experience.
• Why she volunteered in making this video.

We are very grateful to Linda for sharing her story and her LYLAC experience.

Thank you Linda

LYLAC: Live Your Life After Cancer
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