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About Bleu Collar:

Witness Los Angeles designer music since 1979. Basik the Mayor and Reese One are Bleu Collar, a Los Angeles duo that has been compared to duos such as Outkast and UGK for their chemistry and contrasting rhyme styles. Bleu Collar runs a fine line between gritty underground lyricists and the mainstream circuit.

Bleu Collar cemented their names as leaders in the L.A. underground by holding down two residencies every month in the L.A. area. The Bleu Collar 99cent Special (2006-07) at Little Temple in Silverlake, CA was known as the livest party with out the pretentious Hollywood vibe. The legendary 99cent special shows created and environment where you could watch Bleu Collar and friends performing new songs fresh out the studio for experimentation in it's rawest form. Adding to their incredible live show status , Bleu Collar created Los Angeles Designer Music Live at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA. where the gave one the most talked about live shows in the L.A. hip-hop scene to this day.

In more recent time Bleu Collar has focused on building the L.A. music scene often collaborating and rocking shows with friends and family J Davey, Pacific Division, Diz Gibran, and Ben Kartwright. All the while still cooking up the creative and hard-hitting sound their known for. Basik and Reese One are in accord regarding their goal, “Bleu Collar is solely interested in making extraordinary music” Reese One finalizes. So keep your eyes, ears, and minds open for Los Angeles Designer music at it’s finest

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