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Gdańsk - Poland

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Maciej Szupica aka Monsieur Zupika aka Wet Dick Jr.
born December 8th, 1975 in Białystok, Poland
(graphic artist, video director, sculptor, photographer, 
 performer, stage designer, vj)
Szupica graduated with a degree in graphic design from the Academy of Arts in Gdansk, Poland in 2004 (studio of Prof. Krechowicz). He currently lectures at the Academy of Arts in Gdansk (Graphic Design Department) and is affiliated with its multimedia lab. He is a co-founder of numerous projects. He concurrently participates in the following: DICK4DICK, C.A.T TV , SKAND21, UNIFORM, CAVALLERIS, HUSTON-WE’VE-GOT–THE-PROBLEM,GYPSY PILL , THE SAINTBOX. His wide range of interests covers photography, poster, graphics, movie, video, performance. First and for most, he treats photography as a cognitive tool; this further triggers his interest in camera obscura. He is also interested in interfaces and in combining various genres such as music and picture or sculpture and photography. Szupica not only created several video clips but also collaborated with various music bands: PINK FREUD, PARALAKSA, LUDZIE , TRISMEGISTOS , UNIFORM , SŁAWEK JASKUŁKE 3YO, DICK4DICK , MOD FUNK , KOBIETY , PAWEŁ KUKIZ I PIERSI , LIPALI , GLENSKI , MARZENA KOMSTA , DJ.VADIM, KINGS OF CARAMEL , LOCO STAR , CAVALLERIS,GABRIELA KULKA, GYPSY PILL ,OLO WALICKI , GASLAMP KILLER , ROBERT WILSON , CIBELLE , THE SAINT BOX , SOFA , OBYWATEL MC , POTWIERDZONE INFO , SOKÓŁ I MARYSIA STAROSTA , DAGADANA , EMIKA , BISZ , MISTER D. , NATAIA PRZYBYSZ .


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