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Ula Sickle (b. 1978, Toronto) is an artist and performance maker, living and working in Brussels Belgium. She works across disciplines, and often in collaboration with artists from other domains. While her work takes many forms, from film to installation to live performance, it is informed by a choreographic approach to movement and a work on perception and reception, specific to performance.

Her collaborative works include Knockout (2005) with filmmaker Alexis Destoop and sound artist Peter Lenearts, and the installation and performance Viewmaster (2007-2010) with architect Laurent Liefooghe and performance maker Heike Langsdorf, as well as choreographic collaborations with African artists, such as with contemporary dancer Dinozord, Solid Gold (2010) and Jolie Ngemi, Jolie (2011), both created in collaboration with sound artist Yann Leguay.

Her film work includes the video installation Looping the Loop (2009) and the film and light performance Atomic 5.1 (2010), both created in the frame of Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains.

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