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SiM started out of Montreal, Canada by Simon Legare-Theoret and Francis Gorup, aka FigZ. Simon developed an interest in producing music at the early age of 13, when he decided to purchase his first music sequencer. Although he started music for fun, he found the need to step his music up a notch and get a guitarist to better showcase his work. Simon then enlisted the talent of FigZ as the lead guitarist, who was an acquaintance from high school. It was only when they started working together musically that their friendship really developed. Discovering that they had a fresh and unique sound together, Simon and Francis decided to create SiM. Francis' funky and original guitar style blended with Simon's singular voice and producing/mixing talents gave way to a unparalleled sound. The two-man band is now in full creation mode and is eager to get their first album out for the public. Their first album titled 'My only feeling' was launched early 2013. For a first glimpse of SiM, please visit

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