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Sterling Duns is an instrumentalist, poet, hip-hop artist, comedy improviser, and astronaut enthusiast. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. While in his first year at college, Sterling was taught how to play the guitar by his good friend, B Gallagher and never looked back. Later in college, Sterling lived in England, UK for an extended period of time on two separate occasions; from 2008-2009 and 2010-2011. During his first stay, he was introduced to a whole host of new, uncharted Indie sounds by the American DJ, DJ Robbot Sieg, and these sounds greatly influenced Sterling's guitar playing for the next 4 years. During his second stay, he was influenced and encouraged by his tutors, peers, and friends to think intently and critically about the things we say and do. Currently he plays guitar, mandolin, bass, and percussion in the band Token Prospects, and is completing a project under the moniker Skip MkPluto called forever moonlit seasons.

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