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  1. Breathtaking! It’s great and truly inspirational. With this video she’s definitely achieving her next best thing to do
  2. The one and only!
  3. Wow! That’s amazing! I have no words… The movements, the softness, the style, the body, the synchronicity…. It’s perfect. Thank you and congratulations! Beautiful job
  4. She’s hypnotic, magnetic! I see her and I just can’t take my eyes off her. Also has a really sexy and sweet voice. Her attitude is like nostalgic and sad, but beautiful
  5. Topocho commented on Lenka "The Show"
    Beautiful and very stylish work! It reminds me my favorite video by Björk. The song is great too, and the melody plus Lenka’s voice, her composition and attitude, makes it perfect
  6. Great choreography! And the dancers are really gorgeous and have such spectacular bodies! I enjoy it a lot
  7. Topocho commented on Jessie J SNL
    Yeah, she’s wonderful! The voice, the eyes, the dance, the body, the attitude… I just love her more!