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I see everything as it happens and it's a surprise. I am a practicing the art of Unity through the United Master Mind Theories on States of Consciousness. In this practice, I practice as much as possible- I've made the networking connections and I've been increasing the strength in the Force.

Who I'd like to meet:
A sensual Woman named (?), I must say that I have had you on the mind the first time that my mind felt the power of your energy and strength my eyes only saw the surface, liked what I saw too, but my heart connected with you. Nevertheless, I could see you were going through a life transition and I love you and wanted to tell you, but the word “Love” means so many different things when you say it. So I feared that if I said that I loved you then you would attach some bad history to the word and it would taint our feelings. So many times in this life people ruin a beautiful relationship by anger generated from some hurtful situation by something or someone as a child that you or I have no control over. Then as we proceed through life our education, experience and knowledge grows with the right teachers and friends - they have the ability to help us make slight adjustments in our lives with out us ever knowing. That is the gift of a good friend, working behind the scenes and encouraging the intentions of our sub-consciousness to grow forward in this world, by giving us resistance they create pressure and then give light to something that we may not have thought of- without us even knowing it, this allows us a safe place to let the steam out of our “pressure cooker” (Mind and Body), Friends do this because they can see the hurt inside our Hearts, and because we allow them to see the hurt. Apologies from people may open a wound that should have been healed so I recognize the fact that leaving the past alone is the best thing to do for certain life events. With that said- Every Day is just another Day, It Doesn’t matter most of the time but, it means this, if it is chosen- and it is a “choice” and your subconscious is a wise reminder there to protect a child that was hurt. I make progress by attending music concerts and making movies of my experiences. When I feel the tenderness of the world my heart burns with the desires and passion it longs for to make a difference in our world then reach out and up to the stars. Kind Hearted Warrior Dan The Jenius, Really? We almost went Sky Diving Daredevils seeking the thrills together I wished so bad that you would go, but your sister needed you- more than the thrills, since then maybe you went? ) _ that may allow me to respect her celestial fire as in the fusion of a great friendship and companion for forever... The Journey could begin. And I would respect that friend and companion and fight as Warriors in the fight of all dreamers that have not yet awaken to uncover a calling of the wild.... In this dream life teaches us to reach the FREAK out from the inside to grasp for new life... each of us may transcend into pure inspiration(Muse). This dream for me is a like the Rock N Roll wind chime to be heard in the wind Around the world and Universe- with the crashing Raindrops that smash to the ground with the forces of Gods in anger then losing force as some join in the genital flow of a waterfall that cascades in a rumble then rolls off the top of my drums to the beat of hearts in passion. Second A universal Source, that We All Trust, This "Source" is the Source of the Universe. The winning Source in the battle of seeker, Seeking Truth- and finding only more Confusion, but continuing on unstoppable and then the source contacts 'The Seeker' - "A Source" That can see beyond the universe? That transcends words and matter, but now I must be part of this world and do everything I can to enjoy what we have achieved as a United State Of Consciousness. Source provides abundance. Wait the sensual woman is more important to my survival, then we can play on earth longer fighting like warriors against the injustice and crimes against life in this universe. The Source is already in everyone we just have to Wake It UP! Just waking up, Daniel Newell is the last one that I've seen. This is a blogg of "nonsense", not much is going to take place in the last five minutes, but after that I'm moving on. Indecisions may have been the life blood of my personal journey. There have been a vast array of teachers that I have shared a space in time with. Away, we walk as better or at the least changed going forward. "Just Shoot Me", or "Take The Hit" has inspired me to keep thinking the possibilities are endless. David Spade is a great man; he has put himself on the map and has given others a place to visit for a vacation. Reality is one thing to be greatly devised from the relative position of the person having it. In other words reality is a perspective that comes from within and can be shared with many or a few. In the very act of recounting the steps in your life you are making a literal mark in the mind of the others that have been in the same boat at some point of their life. You have the ability to create a connection and make change happen. It may be understood if it is thought of being comfortable… to share a thought of a shared experience… a space and time that brings a connection of a much higher power or spirit, as each of us is experiencing being human. The dreams are attachments to the ongoing events of our life. Some think an event is a Wedding – Birthday – Graduation – New Job– A new relationship with someone - ,,, But it could be simple things too… what is more important are those that are surrounding us as we process the feelings and truly understand what is happening inside us. Once an event takes place it is imprinted in our personal development - captured in the mind as a memory and connected as a spiritual book mark on our journey. I have found that I can not assume anything about what I think to be an absolute truth. Memories pass through my consciousness at different times of my life by attaching to a point in my history with an emotion or a mathematical equation using dates and time. Reality is to be greatly devised from the relative position- of the person having it Reality is one idea to be greatly devised from the relative position of the person having it Reality is one conscious wave to be greatly devised from the relative position of the person having it In the very act of recounting the steps in your life you are making a literal mark in the mind of the others that have been in the same boat at some point of their life. In the very act of recounting the steps in your life you connecting to the mind of the others that have been in the same boat at some point of their life. THIS IS MY LAST ENTRY IN TO MYSPACE, IF YOU CHOOSE TO FIND ME IN REAL LIFE- MY WARMEST WISHES TO YOU – BEWARE OF PEOPLE THAT ENJOY TELLING STORIES(I've seen this alot), SO TAKE WHAT YOU HEAR VERY LIGHTLY UNTIL THERE IS PROOF. NUFF SAID C U HOPEFULLY IN THE NEAR FUTURE! BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! Read more: myspace.com/newelldan07/blog#ixzz0v4U3ztFV Is light a Particle, or wave? when we see 13 billion light-years. what do we see in the center of our universe? point the telescope at the center of the universe, can we see back in particles of time? Have we discovered a new type of math that would help this equation? There are other Famous individuals of flesh on earth with great minds that I have met and have found interesting and others I may meet. They may be out of this world! Now as a "Jenius" talking to a potential Genius, in the making who made the Source possible? All I can do is ask the Question You must become the Seeker. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Right Here Right NOW!
___________________________________________________________________ I can manifest a dependable income by allowing my talents to flow. I am driven by what excites me, and I'm enthused to find new opportunities. I Trust that my ideas will tap into profitable avenues. Also, I will stop placing restrictions on myself, and be able to move ahead gaining all the amazing benefits. am discovering new ways to regenerate my finances this year, by letting go of blocks and fears that are holding me back. By Creative thinking and working smart for money; and evolving spiritually making connections all around me, I have found that my old fashioned protective thinking no longer serves me (I'm going to drive fast and take lots of chances) Ounce I start a creative flow, work and finances will become much easier for me. The fruits of my work relationships are increasing by leaps and bounds. The endeavors I undertake will be very profitable, expansive and satisfying. As I open up to the creative avenues before me, I will earn bountifully, I have surrendered to (Jesus) and the blissful adventure of walking down a satisfying career path! I enjoy giving outwardly and being in the public eye, and a life-long pursuit of developing the creative talents that will propel me into the future. By embracing new energies, opportunities are opening up for public speaking, writing, performing and sharing visionary ideas with others. I'll let my work interests guide me in helping people to achieve their own creative connection and a higher purpose in life. My integrity and energies are shifting, and others get inspiration by this.

Read more: myspace.com/newelldan07#ixzz0xbpy1tao

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