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    Benetton Live Windows is an initiative by Fabrica, Benetton research centre on communication, conceived to create a new language between people and retail space. Thanks to a co-operative network among major educational and cultural institutions, it promotes young talented designers and publishes their…

  2. The Voice Project

    The Voice Project Plus


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    The Voice Project works to utilize the power of music and art to effect positive social change, promote human rights and defend freedom of expression around the globe. We strive to see how far a voice can carry. We began with a simple story, a peace movement of people coming together, mobilizing…

  3. Matthew Graves
  4. Dana & Sarah Films

    Dana & Sarah Films PRO Currently in Big Sur, CA


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    Hi, we are Dana Richardson & Sarah Zentz, co-founders of DANA & SARAH FILMS, an independent film production company based in Big Sur, CA. Since 2008, we have produced and directed award winning documentaries that present vital perspectives rarely seen in mainstream media. GOSHEN (2014), a documentary…

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