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An underground hip-hop label formed in 2004 by artists and producers to help bring back the classic hip-hop sound and hold it down for the creative people in the business. The goal of Under Sound is to drop consistently creative and banging hip-hop without compromise.

Under Sound was founded by Aaron ‘Zu’ Keeny, Ashante ‘Zen’ Saunders, and Ian ‘E Major’ Mattingly. The founders originally met during high school at Carver Center for Arts & Technology and they each pursued Fine Arts during college. Their friendship and future business partnership was solidified after college when they all met up again with degrees in Photography/Design, Music, and Painting. After realizing that they all had similar tastes in music, they joined forces to create Under Sound Music. Using their respective skills, Under Sound began prepping their first release. Everything from recording music, designing cover art & photography along with mixing the final project was completed all in-house.

2005 marked the labels first official release with Breaking Ground Vol. 1. which featured new music from Wordsworth, E Major, Oddisee, Cappadonna, The Procussions and more. In 2008 Under Sound released E Major’s anticipated follow-up album, Majority Rules. Majority Rules received a lot of acclaim online and generated quite a buzz for Under Sound’s E Major. Locally, Under Sound has made quite a name for themselves and they are looking to expand to a more national level with new projects in the works for 2009.

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