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  1. Carlos Ramos
  2. H.O.G® Europe
  3. Paul Joy

    Paul Joy Norfolk, UK


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    I spent over a decade doing media work for an agency then fell in love with filmmaking and now work for myself doing what I enjoy... well most of the time anyway! I hope you enjoy my stuff, please feel free to get in touch through my blog at www.pauljoy.com or via twitter @pjoy http://twitter.com/pjoy

  4. Giorgio Oppici

    Giorgio Oppici Plus Verona - Italy


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    Nasce nel 1960. Dal 1979 dedica gran parte dei suoi pensieri alla comunicazione. Oggi vive e lavora in Valpolicella, nelle prime colline a nord di Verona. Qui il vino è buono. Born in 1960. Since 1979 devotes most of his thoughts to communication. Today he lives and works in Valpolicella, over…

  5. Matthew Atkatz

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